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Time to get your social media on? Here’s a special offer for our Girl Geeks

When it comes to digital marketing, social media always dominates the conversation. A few of our girl geeks are quite active in the social media space and we often use Twitter at our events for competitions and general conversation. Social media is also used widely by businesses to reach consumers.

Social Sessions is running a workshop on 17 and 18 October, which takes you through the basics of social media, how to create a social media strategy and the digital design skills necessary for visual appeal in the social media game.

They are also providing a special offer to the Girl Geek community – if you book and pay before 4 October 2013, with the promo code “GGDJHB”, you will receive 10% off the purchase price!

See more info and buy a ticket through their website:


The 3rd Annual Wired Women Conference

We love events that feature women in tech and this year’s Wired Women Conference is an event which we are extremley excited about!

Featuring a great line-up of exciting speakers, the conference profiles some of the dynamic women (and men) that have taken up prominent roles within the industry. Globally, women make up over half of all the social media users and gamers, with a significant number of Computer Science graduates. With the growth potential in Africa, the future is incredibly positive.

The conference will look at how to make the industry more inclusive, diverse and nurture the culture of innovation that already exists.

We have an exciting special for Girl Geeks – if you book with the promotional code “GG” you will be receive a 10% discount off the retail price. To qualify for this offer, email:


Places we love – RAIN Boutique Spa

As the founder of Girl Geeks, I am always looking for places that aim to spoil women. One such place is RAIN Boutique Spa, situated in Rosebank. The first thing to love about the spa is that it caters exclusively for women. This makes it a fabulous place to hang out with your girlfriends, or go on your own to enjoy some downtime.

The other unique characteristic about RAIN is that all the treatments are customised to your preferences. All you need to do is book your desired amount of time for a treatment and then the choice is yours.

I had a full body massage, which was heavenly. RAIN is beautifully decorated and the therapists are attentive and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a unique spa experience, go take a look.

PS In our last goodie bag, RAIN gave away vouchers to use at the spa – don’t forget to use them!



Founder: Girl Geek Dinners JHB

Technology in Education

As promised, here are the videos from our guest speaker, Michelle Lissoos.


Apple – Making a difference. One app at a time

Revolutionising Education: iPad in South African Schools